Previous Editions

To date, the Swiss Robotics Industry Day organised by NCCR Robotics has held two editions, in 2015 and 2016. The third edition will be 2 November 2017. The days are exclusively designed for industry to showcase the activities of the Swiss Robotics ecosystem, including NCCR Robotics and selected Swiss SMEs and start-ups active in the field of robotics, through a series of robot and technology demonstrations, posters and discussion groups.

Alongside this programme, invited guests are offered the chance to share views on current and foreseeable needs and challenges facing the industry through talks by research and invited industry leaders and well-established Swiss Robotics companies at the cutting edge. The delegates are composed of representatives from numerous companies attending from across Europe and the USA, last year they included Toyota, Nestlé, össur, Hoerbiger, Schmalz, ABB, CreaBeton. The events provide them with a unique opportunity to shape future research and provide guidance as well as offering privileged access to new and emerging technologies, while start-ups and researchers are given the opportunity to create new business links and forge new contacts.