Industry Liaison Programme

The NCCR Robotics industry liaison programme is a fee-paying corporate membership programme for industries and institutions interested in robotic technologies and innovations.

The programme is committed to the transfer and exchange of knowledge through conferences, collaboration and research projects, laboratory visits, sourcing of talents and licensing opportunities.

What does the programme offer?

Swiss Robotics Industry Day

Exclusive annual conference with:

  • Presentations by NCCR researchers on latest results
  • Presentations by industry members on needs and challenges
  • Robot and technology demonstrations
  • Exhibition of SMEs and start-up companies from the Swiss Robotics ecosystem
  • Learning about investment (start-up) and licensing opportunities
  • Networking with researchers, students and colleagues

Lab Visits

On request access to a given lab when mutual interests arise:

  • Dedicated presentation of the laboratory
  • Focused technical discussions
  • Robot and technology demonstrations
  • Presentation of patent portfolio and technical documents

Potential Joint Research Projects

Opportunity to engage collaboration and research projects when mutual interests arise.

Access to Robotics Talents

Recruitment of highly skilled research employees with training and experience in robotics:

  • Facilitate recruiting through profiling of robotics students and researchers
  • Advertise jobs and internships within our international network

Technology Transfer Gateway

Guidance and advice in finding labs, resources and expertise that best match your needs in terms of collaboration, licensing and funding.

For more details on the Industry Liaison Programme please contact us at